Somthawin (Ang Ki) Yellow Oil 24ml

Somthawin (Ang Ki) Yellow Oil 24ml

Brand: ThaiBaM
Product Code: BAO-14-008
Price: 9.90 €

Traditional Thai herbal oil to relieve burns, cuts, mosquito and insect bites, cramp, stiff neck, arthritis, body pain & swelling, skin itching, aches, sore spot plus motion sickness / air and sea.

Yellow oil is a traditional Thai herbal medical product with its roots in China. Oil is a mixture of medicinal plants as camphor and different plants of the ginger family. There are different versions of yellow oil made and sold all over South East Asia and China. Usualy the recipes of the oil are family´s secret of each manufacturer.

Somthawin Yellow Oil has best and unique quality, because of the precise manufacturing process and a high grade of plants the oil is made of. The Somthawin Yellow Oil is made at eastern province in Thailand, which is rich for rains and fertile. The oil is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Store oil in room temperature, away from sunlight and heat. For external use only!

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Package content Glass bottle 24ml
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