Tiger Balm Red 30g

Tiger Balm Red 30g

Brand: Haw Par Tiger Balm (Thailand) Ltd.
Product Code: BAO-14-006
Price: 7.90 €

Original Red Tiger Healing balm is warm variation of classic Tiger Balm. It is produced according to a secret formula from 19th century from various oils extracted from wild herbs. Balm provides fast and effective relief from rheumatism, joint pain, muscle aches and pains of another nature, sprains and flatulence, swelling, insect bites, itching etc.

Tiger White balm is soft and after application it has warming effect.

Packed in box with the original glass jar with 30 g of Red Tiger Balm made by HAW PAR TIGER BALM (Thailand) Ltd.


– Camphor 25%
– Menthol 10%
– Cajuput oil 7%
– Mint oil 6%
– Clove oil 5%
– Cassia Oil 5%
– paraffin and petrolatum

Technical parameters
Package content 1x 30g glass bottle
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