Magic 26 days Slimming Coffee Red Label

Magic 26 days Slimming Coffee Red Label

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This product is refined through scientific working procedures by selecting small-grain black coffee in Brazilian virgin forest and a pure natural plant garcinia cambogia (HCA). It is a purely natural, healthy and safe slimming product without any side effect. instead of a kind of ordinary coffee. It is a slimming achievement made by American Kangshi Lainuo International Medical Research Centre with huge investment after many years of repeated development. The magic efficacy of slimming coffee is that you can slim your body within 26 days by drinking it. Loose weight faster than ever with herbal recipes and delicious black coffee.

This product is aromatic, dense and delicious, and can slim your body as well. You can make your body slimmer and more charming during a fashionable and elegant enjoyment. Did you ever think it is so magic? This is exactly the commitment of “Magic 26 coffee” to beauties.

Weight loss guaranteed of 2 kg from the first week and reduce 5-7 kg in the first month.  If you want to loose a lot of weight, you should drink this coffee for about 2-3 months. Weight is reduced continually and gradually. You can say goodbye to yo-yo effect. Garcinia extract has the ability to inhibit the excess fat in the body and reduce appetite. It is also effective to accelerate the retrieval of fat to be used as energy. The fat accumulation is  effectively reduced then.

Made from pure natural black coffee. Drinking gives you strong health and accelerate metabolism.

This product is very popular and best seller among people in Thailand.

Ingredients: wild small-grain black coffee from Brazil, Garcinia Cambogia (HCA), many amino acids, multi-vitamins

Disolve 1 sachet in 100 ml of boiling water. Drink 30 minutes before breakfast.

26×10 g bags packed in can

Unsuitable for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with heart disease

This product is ISO 9001 certified!

Technical parameters
Package content 26 bags, 10g per one bag
Composition wild small-grain black coffee from Brazil, Garcinia Cambogia (HCA), amino acids, multi-vitamins
Certificates ISO 9001
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