Delivery Information

Seller agrees to deliver the right kind and quantity of goods , as mentioned at time of booking , the basis of the customer for an agreed cenu.Po receiving payment for your order through the online store the generated in full consignment will be promptly sent to the buyer's address which was referred to before confirming the order on the order form . All shipments are sent directly from Thailand to customers in all European Union countries . All shipments are packed in the corresponding package with protection against destruction / deterioration of the goods and sent by registered shipment via registered mail Thai - Thailand Post . online store allows its customers two basic types of payment for goods ordered :

  • Electronic online payment through PayPal payment system (designed for clients who own PayPal account)
  • Payment by credit card through the payment gateway operated by PayPal ( for clients who own a credit card VISA , MASTER CARD , MAESTRO , AMERICAN EXPRESS )

E-shop charge a fee for sending the order in which inter alia included postage and packing themselves , of € 9.90 for orders up to 75 euros. The fee is automatically included recommended sending with online shipment tracking position . Link code package every customer receives the shipment of your order . For orders above 75 EUR  - Free Shipping !

Delivery time on all orders from the order confirmation is usually 7-15 working days . All orders sent through Thai Post, which followed after the shipment at a post office customer will receive an email with a special link tracking number through which the watch movement and free shipping directly online on the website of the Thai Post - Thailand Post . Tracking is also possible via a mobile app for smartphones Thai mail with Android , iOS and Windows Phone .