About Us

Dear customer of Thailand online store - ThaiBaM.com,

We are very pleased that we can first online store to offer the option to procure goods directly from Thailand , without the need to travel to Thailand . Our goal is to provide you fresh and up to date product portfolio directly from Thailand at unbeatable prices up directly to your home .

Products ordered through our online store will send you within 48 hours since you made the order and crediting the total amount for your order to our account ( for payment card or via paypal account the money is credited immediately when you enter the transfer within 48 hours ). Every single order for you we pack in standardized cardboard boxes with padding to protect the product from physical damage during transport. We are using the services of Thai mail (Thailand Post), through which you ordered the goods dispatched by airmail ( AirMail ) at the address specified in the order .

By default, the experience of our clients receive the ordered goods within 7-15 days of your order at the post office. The status of your order - you are always informed via email on the status of your order through payment until dispatch. After the shipment of your order, you can still track your shipment through the tracking application Thai mail or through the tracking link - we always email it to you after the shipment of your order.

Our team isteer Fair Play principles and build our customers to always meet. Likewise, our sales team is open to any communications, whether it is a cooperation request for the addition product portfolio or claim the goods, so never hesitate to contact us - we are here for you! 

Finally, if you are satisfied with our services, feel free to recommend us further, feel free to share with us about your experience with our products via email or actual review of the product. Thank you for the use of Internet commerce www.ThaiBaM.com!